Free Bushmills, the winning SWIG and new stock info!

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Free Bushmills, the winning SWIG and new stock info!

By David of SWIG® (

David Galbraith SWIG Hip Flasks Executive

David Galbraith (SWIG® Founder and Society member #00002) with Nima Kafai (SWIG® Society member #00007).

1) Limited Run of 200.

Yes!! I've uploaded the new stock unto the website (
The flasks are the same price as before at £24, with the pouches ranging from £10 to £150!

SWIG Hip Flasks Reel

The numbers remaining are #00612 to #00750

(#00666 and #00667 have been taken by special demonic request!) 

My favourite of the new pouches?
The epic Executive Zebra Pouch (from

Have an issue with ordering?
Contact me on or Phone me on 02032395864

2) Thank You.

Well, thank you all so much.

I'm just one Northern Irish guy with an obsession for hip flasks.

I'm humbled to have been able to send out over 600 flasks in the last 6 months.

However, the best part is having met most of my customers, face to face.

Here is a map of our Postcode-friendly Swiggers.

SWIG Flask Society Map

3) What is the outlook for new pouches?

I have 4 different suppliers working on various ranges.

For example, new SWIG® moulded pouches are in development. They look exceptional and are made by the artisans of leather in Spain. This is an image they sent me yesterday of the amazing moulding process.

Executive SWIG being made

4) Fascinating...

Well, World Whisky Day is coming up  on the 17th May (and I've been working with it's founder to do a SWIG project!)

Also, Bushmills are (in the near future) going to be sending free SWIG® refills out to SWIG Society members!

SWIG Flasks Artist Range

5) #00020 Refill Advice

Thanks to Stuart Hillston, #00020 of the SWIG Society who provided this weeks refill advice.

"Talisker Storm seems fitting on a night where the wind & the rain are fighting hard"

Talisker Whisky Shot up close

6) SWIG Number Draw

Congratulations #00283! 

E-mail me at with an image of you & your SWIG to claim your prize.

The Prize: 15 year Glenfidich, 2 SWIG® Pouches and a place in next weeks shout out.

Did you buy a SWIG for someone else? Check with them. This might be their number!

SWIG Society Winner Generator

Finally, 7) Honorary Swigger.

Ry Morgan (Society member #00027 with a New Pink Pouch) assured me there was poteen in there at some point.

Click here to accept your invite to the SWIG® Society.
Anyway, keep Swigging.
-David of SWIG® (#00002)

SWIG Flasks Executive Pink

**Just a quick one....**
If you have anybody you think would like a SWIG® or know of any occasions etc coming up. Please don't hesitate to refer my brand! I'm a small business so word of mouth is very important to keeping things going! Also if you have any ideas about the brand or how things are going, drop me an email at
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