(Gift Wedding Sets) SWIG Hip Flask

You've got the venue, the cake, the dress, the spouse - now it's time to think about the guests you're sharing your big day with. 

The SWIG Wedding Gift Set

The SWIG Wedding Hip Flask Gift Set is a modern yet timeless 'thank you' and as with all presents, it's the thought that counts. Therefore, we pay special attention to this Wedding Hip Flask Gift Set so your wedding party will feel extra appreciated. Not only will the engraved messages show your thoughts and consideration for each loved one, but the flasks are guaranteed to have consecutive SWIG numbers which will make the group feel part of one special occasion whose memories will last a lifetime.


What's more, our flasks are a cut above the rest - you really get what you pay for: a marriage of quality materials, durable design, timeless aesthetic and superb customer service. Read about their development right here.


Any queries or problems contact: david.galbraith@swigflasks.com


P.s. congrats on getting hitched!