Your SWIG Hip Flask - David's Engraving Guidelines

TL;DR: Our default engraving style is on the same side as the logo/number (lower-back), centered with Malgun Gothic Font. We can also see the lines/spaces you put in the engraving box. if you want anything different, add it to the order comments.

For engraving inspiration checkout our instagram. I post my finest engravings on there.


1) 'The Default' If you don't request otherwise, every SWIG is engraved...

>Using the line spacing provided in the 'engraving request' box. (Pressing enter to take a line shows up on my system).
>On the lower side of the SWIG's back (The same side as the number/logo). Centre-aligned.
>With as many characters as you like, In 'Malgun Gothic' Font.
>To fit unto the flask without being too small or garishly large, by David choosing a suitable font size and spacing.

NB: The Naked Flask comes with the SWIG Society Number + Logo engraved in the top right hand of the back and a lid/topper engraved with 'SWIG' across the centre.



2) 'Your Choices' But you also have the choice to make your own decisions...

You can use the engraving request box OR order comments to describe how you would like your engraving to deviate from the default  (use **stars** where you would like to describe specifics of positioning etc).

So for example, you can choose what font, size and position you would like your engraving/s in. A specific request might look like this...

Preview Exec Mag

To give you a list of fonts would be exhaustive- so just open Microsoft Word and find one that you like. We will match it! Some examples...

Font Choices


3) 'Popular Choices' Feel free to refer to these in your engraving request...

Style 1: '1 Word'
This is where we put the provided initials or a short word/name on the same line as the number- but left aligned. It lets them sit just below the pouch and it's my favourite position for engraving.

one word style engraving

Style 2: 'Logo'
You can provide me with an eps (or a VERY clear digital JPG) and I can engrave a design on to the flask, in any position you prefer. Add this product to the cart and upload the EPS on there!

Logo Engraving

Style 3: 'Both Sides'
My SWIG customers like to use both sides of the SWIG. Sometimes putting a date or initials in small font on the front, bottom right- then putting a message on the back, in the default position. Keeps things clean and subtle!


4) 'David's Engraving Advice' From over 10,000 Flasks of experience...

 >Engraving below the pouch line is default because I believe engraving should be kept personal and protected. 

>I really like the '1 Word' style as mentioned in section 3. Try this in addition to a message. I think it looks awesome.

>If in doubt, let me choose what looks good. I've engraved a TONNE of SWIG's and have a good eye for what looks right.

>The recipient (yourself included?) will have the engraving forever. It will be passed down through generations. Engrave something you will be proud of in 150 years!

>My favourite engravings (and the ones that look best) are ones that incorporate personalised designs and messages. Also almost anyone that is specific about what they want, comes out with an amazing engraving.

>My rarest engraving style is only on SWIG Flasks #4,#5,#6 and #7. I prefaced the 'SWIG' logo with a name or word of the recipients choice. 'NemoSWIG', 'FloSWIG' etc. Perhaps someday I will return to this, but for now its on less than 0.06% of my flasks!

Engraving Preview


5) 'The FAQ' The Questions I get on my Live Chat...

What is the limit of characters?

There is no limit! But as you know... sometimes less is more. Also the more you write, the smaller it can get. I'll give you a shout if you've got too much (but it is unlikely...).

Can I Choose My Society Number?

I've taken requests for the inclusion of specific numbers before (IE a '4' and a '7' in the same number) and I can also let you know what numbers we are currently on (and give you a choice from 10-20). But can't take requests to break the sequential numbering.

Can you engrave on the base of the flask?

We used to do this, but have parked the style for now. Will change this when it's possible again.I need a bigger engraving machine, really!

How long does it take to engrave? Can I have it by next week?

I do nearly all of the engraving myself, so I can have your flask engraved and dispatched same day if needed. Generally your flask will be engraved on the same day of dispatch anyway.



Can I get my club logo engraved?

Yup. Refer to Style 2 in Section 3 above. Just email the design to

Can I look at the engraving before it is done?

Easy. Just add the request into the order comments or engraving request box. I'll send you an image of what the engraving will look like- and you can send me over any changes before we engrave permanently on the flask.


Gallery of Proofs

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof

SWIG Flasks Engraving Proof