Board Room SWIG - Corporate and Partnership Gifting

Having sold over £1m of the 'Classic Naked Flask' online to spirit lovers across the world, It is fair the say the SWIG Hip Flask has credibility.

As a result, David of SWIG can help you with Hip Flasks as super unique corporate gifts. Designed to be adored for a lifetime.

Why SWIG for your VIP's? 

>As a respected (and one of the only) independent Hip Flask brands, we ensure this is not just considered ‘another’ white labelled gift.

>Brand the pouch, not the swig. Follow up in future years with updated pouches to keep their flasks and your brand relevant. Pouches are interchangeable, suitable for different occasions. Flask owner then gets to pass the number down through future generations. This is a Hip Flask for life.

>We are hysterical about customer service. The SWIG Flask will not let your VIP’s down. See only 13 ‘1 Star’ reviews out of 1300 Reviews. Our 0.2% return rate is unheard of in the e-commerce space.

>SWIG Society lets you keep in touch with the eventual owners. They register their SWIG flask with us using their membership number. If you want over 150 units I can take requests for your very own number run sequence.

>Actual hip flask is a stunning mirrored, seamless, 304 stainless steel. Customisable with engraving, pouches, packaging and a hinged lid option.

Products & Pricing  (Excl VAT) 



Executive Leather Pouch Additions



Other Pouch Ranges (Tweed, Fabric, Heritage etc) 


Case studies / Product Examples

Bacardi / Dewars / Royal Brackla
Pernod Ricard / Chivas Brothers / Strathisla Distillery
Diageo / Johnnie Walker
IT Services / Infor
Independent / Pinkster Gin
Echlinville Distillery / Dunville's Whiskey
Independent / 808 Whisky

Minimum Order

1 - All Standard Flasks / Pouches at RRP
20 - All Flasks/Pouches at partner pricing (above)
50 - Custom Leather Pouches (Deboss / Colour / Stitching)
100 - Quantity Discount (10%)
200 - Quantity Discount (20%)

Delivery & Timelines

The below timelines are based from order confirmation to actual delivery. All flasks can we sent special next day courier to arrive at any destination required. We may charge extra for delivery outside of the UK. Inter-UK deliveries will be charged at the standard courier rate selected.

>3 days delivered on all orders under 50 units.
Realistically, we could probably serve you sooner. This includes custom engravings. However this keeps a safe margin for error.  This is from order

>2 weeks delivered on Harris Tweed fabric customisations.
This gives us time to source the right fabric and have it generated into our pouches, just like in the Harris Tweed range. The lead time is based from the day we receive the custom fabric from you.

>4 weeks delivered on over 50 units 
This may not be necessary, however if we are on low stock of our flask, we may need to have more made fresh. this process generally takes 3 weeks with no prior warning. Rare on orders just under 50, but very likely on any orders over 200.

>6 weeks delivered on custom leather pouch orders
Our Artisan uses a very specific wet forming technique on our Executive Range pouches. This is special as it holds the shape of the pouch and maintains the structure over time so the flask will always stay inside safe. The wet forming process is done by hand and alone takes around 2 weeks followed by 2 weeks of manually drying in the sun. Adding on the time to colour the tan, deboss the logo and ship it all the way to the UK, we generally habe our 6-8 weeks.

How to Order

The Quick Way - Send me your shipping address, final engraving request and flask/pouch selection to All quick orders to be resolved in 4 hours. Using ‘the quick way’ is an excellent way to top up your stash of flasks you have previously ordered with us before.

The Careful Way - I am available at 02032395864 or to discuss anything from demographics, engravings, prices and more. Depending on your order request (and associated timelines as above), your order can be ready in anything between 2 days and 8 weeks.


What is the Naked flask?
See our SWIG Naked Flask page HERE. It is our classic seamless, 170ml design- over £1m sold online. Made from stainless steel and customisable for any occasion through our ‘pouch system’. 

Do you engrave?
Yes, we use good old fashioned Diamond Drag Engraving to actually inscribe unto the flask… not just print on. We can generate complex designs in house for your brand, or can use your assets provided by your in-house team.

Can I request a sample?
Yes. You can request one at my personal address- I am so confident you will love the product, I will not invoice any sample costs (RRP) until a final order is actually made.

What do you make the case out of?
The Executive range is made from real Veg Tan Leather. We have our artisans in the Spanish town of Ubrique wet moulding them by hand! They look awesome. Your logo is debossed to .1 mm accuracy.

Would I need to order them all at once, can i call them off?
You can call them off and have them engraved with various different engravings across time. This is a good way to achieve the scale cost but ability to gift throughout the year.

What are the payment terms?
Our standard payment term is 50% on order and 50% on delivery.

How are we invoiced? Where do we pay?
The amount is generally payable in GBP by BACS to a British Bank Account. Card payment is also possible for an additional fee of 2%. Payment terms are ofcourse negotiable. (I worked in Citibank as a graduate.. I understand how complex / tied up large corporations can be with buying processes).

Can we whitelabel both the flask and the pouch?
The Flask can not be whitelabelled. It is a SWIG flask and we stand behind the brand value of that. The SWIG Flask would retain it’s SWIG logo and Membership Number on the shoulder. Everything else… The pouch, packaging, inserts etc are all open to be made bespoke to the buyer.