SWIG Hip Flasks: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions I get from customers, but if you've got an extra question, need clarification on anything, or prefer talking to humans over computers, please use the chat function at the bottom right hand corner and either myself or my colleagues will answer.

Can I get it personalised/engraved?

Where does SWIG ship to, and how much does it cost?

Can I get a refund if I don't like my SWIG?

Are all SWIG flasks the same size?

What does it come through my post box as?

What tends to be the most popular colour to give a guy as a present?

What does the funnel do?

What makes a SWIG flask unique?

Can I get it personalised/engraved?
Yes! There are so many ways you can personalise your SWIG - check our Personalisation page out for some ideas!  Check our Engraving page also for more info on engravings.
Chat to us using the chatbox in the corner, or email requests/questions to  david.galbraith@swigflasks.com and we'll get in touch asap.

Where does SWIG ship to and how much does it cost?
We ship pretty much everywhere, the US, Australia, India, Japan, your pa's house... More info right here: swigflasks.com/pages/shipping

Can I get a refund if I don't like my SWIG?

Yes you can. A SWIG's meant to be used, not left awkwardly on a shelf, unwanted, with the last half inch of Grandma's sloe gin from the 60s.

So, to be eligible for a return, notify us and send it back within thirty days of purchase, and everything must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Are all SWIG flasks the same size?
Yes, I have crafted them so that every pouch fits every flask. Each flask is 170ml (4-5 shots).
I like to say it is not enough to get drunk but enough to soften the edges of your day. 
The actual flask size is height123mm Width: 90mm, Depth: 21mm n.w:0.15kg 

What does it come through my post box as?
I make sure that when it arrives there is no SWIG branding on the postal box (in the event you have purchased as a gift!). 
It may look a little different in the event of buying multiple flasks. But it will always be discreet. 
(We try and recycle our postage boxes- so please do the same upon arrival!)

What tends to be the most popular colour to give a guy as a present?
Executive Brown is the most popular colour. However, remember that the pouches are detachable and interchangeable, and we offer the capability to buy extra pouches.
I use my executive black one for formal occasions, like meeting the Prime Minister. Then I use my light blue pouch for festivals and Twickenham.

What does the funnel do?
I can honestly say it is the best Hip Flask funnel on the market. Benefits..
1) It lets just enough air into the flask that it does not 'overflow' due to air pressure.
2) It is sized for portability, but generously sized to give a feeling of quality. This is pure stainless steel and matches the aesthetic of the SWIG flask. It is made for the SWIG.
3) If helps 'bulk out' a gift. So one of my favourite suggestions for a gift is a SWIG flask, a funnel and a bottle of their favourite spirit (remember the rule of 3!).

What makes a SWIG flask unique?
1) Gift-able (the only flask on the market to come with desirable gift packaging)
2) Safe (It is made from stainless steel which has no risk of toxification unlike pewter and silver).
3) Reliable (It is made from one solid unibody shape. Unlike most hip flasks it doesn't have the chance of leaking at the seams). 
4) Brand reputation (No other hip flask is backed up by a brand to ensure quality. We only make flasks. It is our bread and butter).
5) Looks amazing (A recurring compliment is how amazing these flasks look in person. There really is very little these like these on the market).
6) Me! I send every flask through a rigorous Quality assurance process. I do all of my own fulfilment, purchasing and management of the business. I tightly control every aspect of the process.
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