"...most beautifully crafted pieces of metal I’ve ever held"

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"Beards for real men" proponent High Flying Beards takes a look at SWIG:


Let me start by saying this is one of the most beautifully crafted piece’s of metal I’ve ever held. Swig Hip Flasks was started by a gentleman named David Galbraith, in 2013 he decided to sell all of his belongings and move to a different area to enable him to start up his hip flask business. Two years on and he can boast that the Prime Minister now owns one of his flasks.

The flasks are very well made and look great with their sexy stainless steel curves, they are completely seamless leaving no chance for seam leakage. The bottom of the flasks are flat so they stand nice and level with no wobble. With such a solid look you may expect the flask to be quite heavy but that is not the case at all, yet they are far from flimsy, Swig have managed to achieve a great balance of stylish good looks and practicality.

SWIG Hip Flasks Naked Flask

Swig flasks also offer a range of pouches to put their flasks in, these aren’t just to protect the shiny thing holding your amber nectar they are designed to add to your style and with the wide range they offer there is sure to be something there to suit all tastes. You can have your flask wrapped in one of the many different executive pouches, one made from real Harris tweed or maybe an exclusive magnetic executive pouch which is a limited edition with an elephant design on its inner lining, it also has a credit card holder in case you don’t want to be carrying your wallet with you while on a mini adventure.

The flasks are individually numbered, the number doesn’t just keep count of how many flasks are being sold, it also welcomes the owner into the Swig Flask society. Becoming part of the society entitles you to a range of benefits including; the Swig society annual party, a SWIG Society pouch and a whiskey refill. You need to register your Swig Flask to find take advantage of these great offers. Engraving is also available the make a flask that little bit extra special.

SWIG Hip Flasks Magnetic Flask

These flasks are a perfect gift for the modern day gentleman but they would also make a great gift for a like minded lady. Whether a trip to the races, a day in the park or a hike with friends is on the cards, a nip of rum, brandy or a warming whiskey in this flask would be the perfect travel companion. A trip to the in-laws is another place the flask could make a welcome appearance, some of us need all the help we can get when the time comes for a visit.

Looking good isn’t the be all for this flask though, I think that one of the things that makes it shout quality is that whatever you put into it, the liquor will keep it’s flavour. Some inferior quality hip flasks make the drink take on a metallic taste, you won’t have to worry about that with a Swig flask. This flask will last a very long time and make a great keep sake to pass down to younger generations, every scratch and dent will have a different story to tell.

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