The SWIG Hip Flask hits 2nd Google page!

  • By David Galbraith
  • In London

The best news of the day is that SWIG Hip Flasks is now on the 1st page on Google for 'Hip Flasks' and 2nd for 'Hip Flask'. Yes!! SWIG exposure feels great.

SWIG Flasks search results

Also I've done a small write-up on the joys of owning a hip flask brand like SWIG. Including some stuff on how I get it setup. Check it out here...

"I had a range of product/brand ideas, but the flasks came out on top. One day I had filled an old horrible plastic CocaCola bottle with whiskey to bring to a picnic in the park with friends; it was at that point I questioned myself on why I hadn’t already been persuaded to buy a nice hip flask alternative. I’d never been marketed a hip flask before, so it was a likely gap in the market."

To confirm, I'm also getting the SWIG Hip Flask ready for London's Spirit of Christmas at the Kensington Olympia next week. 



In other news, I've sent out our first SWIG newsletter in time for Christmas... it went something like this...


"I'm David, head of hip flask from SWIG® hip flasks (
Just a warning that Christmas is indeed coming, and the same people are going to be as difficult to buy for as they were last year.
Avoid the associated stress. Take advantage sooner than later of the simple SWIG®
Your flask will be delivered direct to your door within 4 days. It will come in unidentifiable 'fit through the letterbox' packaging (to ensure a certain someone can't tell what you've bought them).
Inside will be the SWIG® in a beautiful gift box that can be hidden under the bed until you can give it straight to your favourite person on Christmas morning.
Note: I'm offering both a miniature gift bottle of 15 year old Glenfiddich and a Stainless Steel SWIG® funnel to the first 10 orders than come through from our mailing list.
Take care,
David (head of hip flask).
Another cool part was our first corporate order for major IT services player 'Infor'. We made them their own set of 45 SWIG's... check this image out...

SWIG Flasks Glenfiddich
More info on corporate orders at

Also... this one is for my Mum (Debbie Galbraith). Check out the other Nucco-designs!...


SWIG Flasks Artist Collection


By David Galbraith

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