Artist Collaboration with SWIG Flasks

Artist Collaboration with SWIG Flasks

Artist Collaboration SWIG Hip Flasks Main Image

Artist Collaboration is something I dipped a toe in with at the very beginning of SWIG. But it is only this year that I have launched your very own toolkit to customise your SWIG to be exactly as you want it to be :D

To celebrate the addition of the Uni Posca Pen Package to our accessory range, I have teamed up with an amazing set of multinational artists, who over the next 2 weeks will showcase exactly to what extent a SWIG Flask can be personalised!

The Uni Posca Pen Package includes a set of eight coloured PC-5m paint marker pens. Perfect for doodling on our Executive Pouches.

Checkout the release dates below, you can see them on our InstagramFacebook
and Twitter.

Week 1

Justin Lawrie Hip Flask Collaboration Zombie Watch SWIG Flasks Artist Collaboration Laura Fitchie SWIG Hip Flasks Artist Collaboration Helen Lord SWIG Flasks Artist Collab
05/06/18 06/06/18 07/06/18 08/06/18

Justin Lawrie

Maja Grof
Nebula X Games
@Nebula X Games

@Maja X Games

Laura Fitchie

Unsigned Artist

Helen Lord
Helen Lord


Week 2

Julian Quaye The Aviator Talia Sellers SWIG Artist Collaboration Flory Huang Artist Collaboration Daemon Miz SWIG Flasks Artist Collaboration Limited Edition Gallery SWIG Flasks Collab
11/06/18 12/06/18 13/06/18 14/06/18 15/06/18

Julian Quaye

Talia Sellers
Flory Huang

Daemon Miz

Sabina Simner


Week 3

Jo Oritz SWIG Hip Flask Sarah Majury Harris Hip Flask Robert Crick SWIG Flasks Artist Collaboration Olly Wood SWIG Hip Flasks Artist Collaboration Natalie Sutton SWIG Flasks Artists
02/07/18 03/07/18 04/07/18 05/07/18 06/07/18

Jo Ortiz

Sarah Majury



Robert Crick

Olly Wood

Natalie Sutton


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