Affiliate program with SWIG Hip Flasks

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TEMPORARY: Affiliate Program has been suspended until 2019. See below for how you can prepare!
Loads of you have been asking for this, so we got our act together and created the SWIG Affiliate Programme.
Amazing! How can I register? It's super easy to register, just click here.
Not sure, how does it actually work? Whenever someone clicks on your unique link to our site and makes a purchase, we'll pay you a commission. It's up to you what you do with the link and where you put it, but the more followers who click it, the more likely you'll get the commission.
Yeah, but how likely is it someone will actually buy something? If our hundreds of 5 star reviews are anything to go by, people love our SWIGs. We've sold thousands in only a few months and they're super popular amongst young professionals, whisky enthusiasts and as wedding, christmas and birthday gifts.
What SWIGs are included in this? Every SWIG! We have five main ranges, each with a gift set, and we also have a Wedding Special. You can find more info on each product via those links.
Anything else I should know? Definitely, you can read about how SWIG got started with all the trials and tribulations a start-up goes through. There's more info on our shipping policy to be found here.
Plus, if you need anything else for your blog, such as our photos, Instagram pics etc., go for it.
Oh and disclaimer, we cannot work with any affiliates under the age of 18.