Best Flask on the market: SWIG

Are you looking for best flask on the market? Well you are in the right place my friend. We have worked very hard for the past 3 years to come up with a hip flask that is not only beautiful but also truly best on the market.

Why is that? Well, several reason really. But here are few just to grab your interest. Our flasks do not leak at all. They have been built in a very particular way i.e they were made out of a single blow which means that they have no joints. This means that there is no way for the liquid to escape but through the lid. We have thought about that too. The lid was made with taking to account latest screwing technology which ensures that there are several layers to the screwing process. In short this means that our flasks simply do not leak at all. I give you a life time guarantee to confirm that. Remember that our flasks can also be personalized. Give us a shout if you need anything. Phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or chat on the web is all-good.