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Instead of trying to prove to you if my flask is the best one on the market on not I will simply share what other people say about my product. After all, satisfied customers are the best judges of what is good and what is not. If you want to check out all my reviews then just go to the reviews section on the website.

Here is one from few days ago by Anthony S. from Canada.

“Firstly, I would like to say that I have not had a better experience buying from a retailer online than I did with Swig.

Going into it, I was rather ambiguous as to what I wanted in a flask as I was used to the standard stamped shoddy stuff you find in every novelty store. Dave who I was in contact with continuously throughout the whole p
rocess; from selection of flask to answering any questions I had regarding the type of metal and country of origin was extremely accommodating and friendly.

Friendliness was probably what made me go with the product. As someone shopping from Canada, I can't feel and inspect the product beyond the picture on my screen. But the fact that I was having a conversation with an actual human being that cared about both his product and customer satisfaction was enough to give me the confidence to order.

And truthfully, I am beyond pleased. The flask itself is a work of art, a single piece of steel beautifully moulded and polished with a healthy weight to it that lets you know that you're not holding an ordinary flask but something entirely more luxurious. The Harris Tweed sleeve that it came in was phenomenally knit and gave the flask the personal character I was looking for. I also purchased the funnel because filling a flask without one is a pain and leads to wastage. Even in the funnel I was surprised by the workmanship.

I would absolutely recommend Swig to anyone considering a flask, regardless of where in the world you are. I promise, you will not be disappointed”

What makes our best flasks so special?

The beautiful design and amazing quality of our exclusive SWIGs help set them apart from other flasks. Our patrons describe our best flasks as awesome, and we would be inclined to agree. Our sleeves are interchangeable so you can get them in several colours of Harris tweed and leather.

Our best flasks can also be personalised and gift wrapped. We use the latest diamond-based technology to engrave our flasks to ensure the highest quality.

best flasks best flasks

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