Best Flasks for Men

Thank you for discovering the best flasks for men. SWIG is young and ambitiously making the finest flasks one can find for a man. The trouble and the solution began when I couldn’t find a proper hip flask to give as a gift for a mate of mine. All I found were gimmicks, joke flasks, or designs that were so outdated they looked like antiques. It was time to create a hip flask that respected tradition but embraced innovation.

Each flask we make is from a single piece of the best stainless steel that exists to unsure our unibody design would never leak. Our screw top and its flask are perfectly weighted making you feel like you are holding onto something substantial design to be enjoyed with any adventure around the corner. SWIGs can fit into any back pocket or backpack for easy traveling or outdoor activities. If you are really looking to impress, I invite you to read about our heritage leather flask -the best in its class.