Best Liquor For Flask - according to SWIG

I’m often asked what I put in my hip flasks, and I usually reply with one answer: scotch. But despite being the maker of hip flasks, I’m not actually a very typical user of them. I’d actually recommend that SWIG Flasks are for every type of drink, aged spirits of course, but also including wine and fruit juice, I’ve even seen them used as water bottles on hikes.
The tradition for the best liquor for flask award is to go to bourbon, usually Jack Daniels, and this certainly conjures up a bit of prohibition glamour. But I think the more premium drinks go better in a SWIG, because a SWIG is for slow drinking and savouring, not for frantic pre-lashing. Sweeter spirits than whiskey also work very well, your blackberry vodkas, sloe gins etc, and I’m always on the hunt for good hip flask cocktails. Martinis work the best I’ve found, simple ingredients which improve upon shaking, rather than complex spirits which need to be drunk immediately, such as mojitos or old fashioneds. Manhattens also work well, but keep it as cold as you can.