Best Quality Flask; no leaking

SWIG Flasks has one aim in life, to be the best quality flask it can be. I started SWIG precisely because I couldn’t buy a decent hip flask on the market for a fair price. Everything was either mass-produced, leaky, pewter monstrosities, or over-priced beaten-silver heirlooms which never looked entirely sanitary inside. As you can’t really see inside a flask, you want to be 100% sure it’s hygienic in there, no one should be taking a leap of faith with four fingers’ worth of quality scotch.
Stainless steel was the answer, easy to clean and non-reactive, no suspicious rusting interiors for SWIG. I also solved the leaking problem, the culprit was the common design for the flasks: that of two sides of metal welded together. This creates a flaw in the structural integrity, and they’d burst open like crushed grapes. I knew I wanted my flasks to happily live inside pockets and handbags without spewing forth at the slightest jolt. I designed a unibody shape, one piece of continuous metal, strong, sturdy and sound.