Big Hip Flask - ready to fill!

‘Bigger isn’t always better’

Alright, you’re after big hip flasks right? Well, let me tell you. You have 2 options!

The first? Well, Amazon sell a large, gallon sized novelty flask for £9.99. If thats what your after, go for it! Just be careful, it’s going to be holding a lot of the good stuff if it leaks!

The second option is the best. Our SWIG Flasks are universally sized at 170ml per flask. I think this is the perfect amount to hold around 4/5 shots of your favourite!

Not only this, but you could also go for a couple and fill them with different types of spirit. One of our SWIG Society members carries four SWIG flasks with him- each filled with his various favourite single malts! Thats nearly a full bottle’s worth- Great decision.

Regardless, have a look round the site. If you consider quality over quantity, you won’t regret choosing a SWIG flask! Otherwise, enjoy your novelty big hip flasks!