Black Flasks created by SWIG Hip Flasks

SWIG Flasks’ aim is to create a flask for everybody. That’s why I designed the only flask to have detachable pouches, to change the style of the flask – not the flask itself. My most modern look would be the Executive Range, I wanted to provide an alternative to the romantic view of the whisky hip flask, all Scottish Tweed and country tradition. My Black Executive was designed to suit the vast majority of quality spirits drinkers – the urban social butterflies. Black flasks are the black tie of the SWIG world.
And just how a tuxedo is at its best when paired with a crisp white shirt and cufflinks, the mirrored stainless steel of my flasks acts like the flourish on a dandy. A radiant counterpoint to the inky black leather. I added in the extra detail of electric blue stitching on the pouch, just to deepen the colour and add a little spark to the attire. And as the pouch is detachable, every flask can be engraved underneath, leaving a secret message known only to the owner.