Black Leather Flask

Our black leather flask is best in class.

Our flasks can stand the test of time, and we can rhyme.

Each flask is made from the highest quality stainless steel,
It’s seamless, it’s reflective, and has a smooth feel.

Our executive leather is handmade, our stitching is designed with style in mind
Our all natural colouring won’t fade, our unique process is one of the hardest to find

When our customers unwrap their SWIG they are overcome with glee,
but if that’s not enough, we offer everybody a lifetime guarantee.

So where do I buy a high quality flask, you might ask?
Right here at SWIG, we have the best black leather flask.

Feel free to reach us via live chat, Facebook, or phone
we love customer service, it give us a sense of purpose,
Don’t be shy, we’ll make you feel right at home.