Brown Flask

The best handmade brown flask lives at SWIG. We have been nominated by our thousands of customers to have created the perfect gift for any occasion. Our first brown flask in our executive range is handmade in Andalucia, Spain. Our stainless steel flasks are designed to be cherished, to be used, and passed down from one generation to the next. It would break my heart if I learned it was sitting on a shelf somewhere accumulating dust. Our hip flasks are the anti-antiques. They should live a full life of adventure, to be enjoyed in good company, and filled to the brim with the finest spirits. Feel free to ask us for recommendations as we have become accustomed to suggesting scotches and whiskeys from around the world.

Take your first step by discovering our Scottish Heritage made in Northern Ireland by our master craftsman Gary. We are always happy to help so don't by shy to reach us on our live chat or by phone.