Brown Hip Flasks

When I decided to create my own hip flask, I was struck by the number of brown hip flasks, so I knew I wanted to put my own spin on the style. I had owned brown leather flasks in the past, and had always been disappointed in the finishing of the stitching or the quality of the leather. I was determined to produce something to high standard. I have my standard SWIG Flask, and on these I put my detachable pouches, so I designed three pouches to turn my mirrored steel flasks into brown hip flasks.
My most popular is the Brown Harris Tweed. It’s a light brown colour, and reminds me of the dry bracken on a Scottish hillside. All my tweed is labelled as authentic Harris Tweed, so you can trust in its quality. I also designed a brown flask from leather sourced from Spain. It’s my smartest design and the most urban, so I named it the Brown Executive. Finally, the third brown pouch is my Scottish Heritage. This is made from really thick bridle leather by a master craftsman in the Highlands. Every one is hand made so it’s utterly unique.