Board Room SWIG Case Study - Infor IT Services

October 2013 - Customer Whiskey Tasting (IT Services)
In June my SWIG flasks were recommended to the FD of a large information services firm as a possible gift for future events.

I've attached an image from the runs we did for 'Infor'. Over a couple of orders they went with a total of 70 to give at client whisky tasting events and dinners. 

June - October 2013

(Timeline for Infor "Whisky tasting")

June '13: "This is really quite classy and a good idea for the sporting events we do"
August '13: "Thought I’d get in touch as we have a whisky tasting evening coming up & thought these would go down well as the gift!"
October '13: "Hi David - the flasks look great & the packaging is perfect! They all arrived beautifully. The items look stunning."
October '13: "Showed the FD today + he thought they looked fab :)"