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swig hip flask wholesale and corporate
Interested in having your own run of custom SWIG Flasks to promote your brand or present as a gift to impress your business guests? Or, perhaps you're interested in adding a SWIG collection to your own shop front?
Look no further!
Corporate Gifts
Our hip flasks are the perfect fit for a company wanting stylish, quality gifts to lavish on important stakeholders. Fully customised to your business values, our flasks will commemorate and garland your commercial relationships. Why? Because our hip flasks are truly high-end: they're expertly made, will never leak, nor taint the alcohol within - unlike pewter gimmicks. 
Promotional Gifts
SWIG Flasks are quite simply beautiful items - each one a polished.and gleaming glorifier for your brand promotion. Its size and personalisation complement a gift set or promotional display with minimum set-up fuss, yet this flask will embody and emphasise your brand credentials to its new owners long after the promotion campaign ends - thanks to its lifetime guarantee.
B2B Flask Supplier
As such an adaptable gift item, SWIG Hip Flasks can grace any retailer in any industry, adding quality and luxury to your customer offering. Generous pricing will add mouth-watering margins and profit potential to your retail inventory. These flasks are flying out of our shop front and we want them to fly out of yours too.
Just contact Sara on sara [at] to get the ball rolling.
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SWIG Custom Gift Set Sample:

1x 'Seamless Stainless Steel' SWIG Flask.
1x Engraved, Co-branded SWIG Flask.
1x Luxury Gift Packaging.
1x SWIG Stainless Steel Funnel.
swig hip flask gift set with box


We offer two methods of sale: drop ship and bulk buy.
Prices flex depending on method, quantity and complexity.
No minimum order is available.
Contact sara [at] for more details