Cute Flask designed by SWIG Hip Flasks

I was very surprised when my customers started describing my flasks as “cute flask” . It was not my intention when I was designing SWIG. But I quite like that fact that people find them cute. I think the one that gets the cutest comments is the pink leather flask, although the Harris Tweed range gets its fair share of cute talk too.

I am very proud to have great customers, as they seem to appreciate all the hard work we have done on the product. It took me a while, be here we are, SWIG is here and we are only getting better. You don’t have to trust in what I say – just read some of my reviews to see what others have to say about the product and the service. Also remember that each of the flasks can be personalized in anyway you like.

Don’t be shy and get in contact if something is unclear or you can’t find what you looking for. You can get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, phone, email or the chat in the right hand corner on this page. Speak soon. Do take care.