Cute Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

My flask has been described in many different ways. But one of my favourite ones is when people describe it as a cute flask. I am going to be honest with you when I first started designing them I had not idea that people will refer to it as cute. Haha, it was the last thing on mind. But here we are, I guess its not how I see them but how others do.

I love my flasks and I really do think they are amazing. But you don’t have to trust me in what I say. Just check out some of my reviews. Below is just one example:

β€œI sent an email to David at Swig when I was looking for a personalised Christmas present for my husband, David replied within 5 minutes of my email being sent. The hip flask I ordered arrived within 2 days and is beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better product or a better service. Thank you all at Swig.”

Joanne K