Cute Hip Flask created by SWIG

SWIG Flasks is your one stop shop for hip flasks for both men and women. 170ml of mirrored stainless steel in a curved unibody, seamless and unleakable. Each flask can fit one of SWIG’s detachable pouches, so you can change the look, feel, style and colour of your flask, it’s literally the first flask you can dress. The fashionista flask if you will, the Kate Moss of flasks.
What’s more, my gift sets come with free engraving, meaning you can decide what goes on your flask, rather than being restricted to whatever head marketing honcho decided sounds cool for the kids nowadays. You can stick your favourite death metal lyrics on there, Justin Bieber, Marilyn Monroe quotes, whatever you want to make a cute hip flask. I designed my flasks to be flexible and universal, they’re for everybody.