Engravable Flask and personalisation available

Yes, yes you are in the right place, our flask is engravable. We have no limit on the characters you can use as part of your engraving. We can personalise it with any logo or image you can think of. Getting good engraving is like getting a tattoo. You need to make sure that you are making the right decision. But don’t worry I am here for you.

I you want brainstorm about engraving ideas and you want to double check if your wild personalisation idea is possible just give me a call or drop me a line or two on david.galbraith@swigflasks.com - I will help you. Love chatting about engraving ideas. And if you think that your idea might be too wild or too rude then stop worrying. Trust me, I have seen some seriously weird stuff since I started SWIG.

If you want more info about the engraving go to my dedicated page about engraving which will give you much better idea of what to do. Anyway, give me a favour and do take care o yourself.