Engraved Flask for Men - SWIG Hip Flasks

I started SWIG Flasks because I just love the act of giving and receiving gifts, it’s such a human thing to do. All our main festivals (even the religious ones) involve giving gifts and I bet even now you’re wondering what next to get for someone’s birthday, or wedding, or Valentine’s Day. With presents, I believe that it really is the thought that counts, no amount of expense can replace the act of giving love.

That’s why I chose to make the best engraved flask for men that I could, I wanted to create a flask which gleamed expense, care and attention in your hand. Your giftee will know from simply touching the flask that someone has put a lot of thought into making a beautiful and well-made object. Secondly, the capacity to provide high quality engraving was really important to me, because gifts are very personal things and people have an innate human need to stamp words and thoughts onto the presents that they give. Give someone a SWIG flask, and they’ll carry your words with them forever.