Engraved Flasks for Men - SWIG Hip Flasks

If you’re looking for engraved flasks for men, you are in the right place. My 6 ounce flasks fit a jacket pocket perfectly, with enough capacity for a satisfying day’s glug of premium spirits. The stainless steel is the perfect canvas for engraving and my detachable pouches allow for natty style to match your personality.
I designed my SWIGs with men in mind because I know how hard it is to buy a man a gift. It can be difficult to navigate past the novelty t-shirts or sports paraphernalia, but I truly believe every guy would be delighted to receive an engraved SWIG and what’s more, they’ll use the thing, rather than dump it in the Man Drawer. It’s a deliberately sturdy design, it’s unibody and seamless, which means it’ll withstand rough use with ease - and my customers have taken theirs atop mountains, across deserts, on mustangs of both kinds, all with the aim of tasting the best that life can offer.