Hip Flask Engraving - Services We Offer for Engraved Hip Flasks

If you would like to make your SWIG that little bit more special, our in-house engraving service is absolutely perfect.  Our SWIGs are designed and built to be timeless, and a personally customised engraved hip flask will ensure your memories stand the test of time.

To add an engraved message to your hip flask, simply choose "Yes" in the "Add Engraving" dropdown on the product page and then enter the message that you like in the box below.  We get all sorts of engraving requests and don't really have too many restrictions on what can be written but, if you're worried or have any questions, just give me a ring on +44 (0) 20 3239 5864, chat to us using the chatbox in the corner or drop me an email at david.galbraith@swigflasks.com and I'll get back to you ASAP.  

We typically engrave messages towards the bottom of the flask.  This is so that personal messages remain hidden under the sleeve.  In fact, many of our patrons who gift a SWIG tell us that they don't mention the engraving and prefer to let the lucky recipient stumble upon it themselves.  This isn't for everyone though so, if you'd like to have the engraving elsewhere, just drop us a line.

Engraving is included free of charge with all of our gift sets and we offer a next day engraving service for urgent requests.  Otherwise, engraving starts at £10.00.

For image or logo engraving, simple images work best and we can turn things around even quicker if you have an *.eps file of the graphic handy. Get in touch and I can help you get the file sent through to us for engraving ASAP.

 Engraved Naked Wedding Hip Flask - Father of the Bride