Engraved Leather Flasks by SWIG

SWIG Flasks are the worlds top designer of engraved leather flasks. It’s as simple as that! Our engraving is special because we let you engrave whatever you like on the flask (including specially formatted images, logos etc) and we can do this on a next day delivery basis. We truly kick ass at brilliant engraving.

We then have our leather pouches- which are used to protect and customise the engraved SWIG flasks. These are quite amazing. We have two types- Executive and Scottish Heritage. These pouches are wet moulded by hand and crafted between Spain and Scotland. They are truly special pieces- in particular the heritage which is a first class product.

Finally, our flasks (that can be engraved and encased in these leather pouches) come engraved with the SWIG logo and a unique membership number for the intended owner. This gives access to our ‘SWIG Society’- and exclusive club for SWIG owners. (We like to talk about our flasks a lot!)>

So go and have a look round the site. You’ll see many engraved leather flasks.