Father's Day with SWIG Hip Flask Gift Sets

SWIG Flasks are the ideal gift for Father's Day because when you buy a SWIG, you don't just buy a hip flask.

SWIG is the UK's first dedicated hip flask brand. This means our flasks have quality, style and character - just like your dad.


As dedicated specialists, we know how to make the best flask on the market. Each flask is made from a unique seamless design guaranteeing zero risk of leakage. We use premium mirrored stainless steel which won't taint the liquid, unlike some pewter specimens. 


Our flasks don't just stand out for their durability, our brand is the only one designed for interchangeable hip flask pouches. You can choose how to add character to your gift with our different ranges - and update the gift with newly released ranges in the future as an extra treat for your dad.

Executive Union Jack SWIG Flasks Executive Black SWIG Flask Executive Red SWIG Flask


The final characteristic of a true SWIG flask is the SWIG Number marked on every flask. This guarantees its provenance and provides the owner with an invitation to our SWIG Society: a devoted group of whisky and spirits lovers who share their #SWIGMoments. If your dad appreciates a quality spirit on occasion, he'll love being included in this passionate set of people.

Free Engraving with All Gift Sets

However, as with all gifts, it's not the price of the present which impresses, it's the thought that counts. Therefore, we've paid special attention to our gift set so every element will spoil your father. We include free engraving for a personal message, anything from heartfelt thank yous to dad jokes to favourite sports team logos or images. 

Our flasks are a cut above the rest - you really get what you pay for: quality materials, durable design, timeless aesthetic and superb customer service.

Any queries or problems contact: david@swigflasks.com

SWIG Society Fathers Day SWIG Society Fathers DaySWIG Society Fathers Day