Fishing Hip Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Fishing is one of the noblest pursuits, it brings humans close to nature, pauses the modern rat-run and promotes the health of Britain’s waterways. Fishing is long periods of inactivity with brief bursts of excitement, emotions heightened by their brevity and achievement. Those exact words to me define whisky as well, brief sips of glorious complexity rather than one long chug of boredom.
Therefore it’s only natural that SWIG makes the perfect fishing hip flask. The capacity tops out at 170ml, about 6 fluid ounces or 5 shots, enough to last a good day, but not so much you risk falling in with the fish. The stainless steel keeps the flask hygienic, even when pushed into muddy wader pockets, and the free engraving on the flask gift sets means you can add your good luck charm to the flask. May your fish be fat and plentiful!