Flask Brown

One of my favourite colours on a hip flask was brown, it is so pleasingly earthy, just perfect for scotch by a log fire, evocative of the peaty Highlands. But there is no decent brown material for making a hip flask, so I stuck with designing the basic flask in mirrored stainless steel, shiny and gleaming, the exact opposite to brown. But I had a plan, I developed Pouches to encase the flask which were detachable, allowing the owner to change the style if they wished, and still engrave the metal beneath the leather. It’s the highest quality way to turn a flask brown.
But I didn’t just stick with leather to style my flask brown, I also keep looking at other materials to do the job, and the most popular so far has been the Brown Harris Tweed. This labelled, authentic Tweed from the Isle of Harris is just perfect for my flask, especially for outdoor activities. You can see the rest of the pouches right here.