Flask For Father

I started SWIG because I really struggled to find a decent gift for a man, and in particular a gift for a father or father-in-law. Hip flasks solved my problem wonderfully: they’re the epitome of manliness, class and style, made from quality materials, just like my dad. My mirrored stainless steel and unibody design feels really well-made to the touch, enough to make your father feel spoiled, but practical enough that he’ll want to use it and not save it for a special occasion. This is an heirloom to be used.
My most recommended SWIG in terms of a flask for a father would be one of the Executive Range. The vegetable tanned leather is sourced from experts in south Spain and wet moulded to fit the SWIG, so it’s a well-tailored and very smart flask. And you’ll have a present sorted for Father’s Day too, as you can add accessories such as my SWIG Funnel or an extra pouch.