Flask For Grandfather

Whenever I think of my grandfather on my dad’s side, I always think of the tweed jacket he wore, whatever the weather. Many a time was sat watching a game of football, waiting for his hand to dip into the cavernous pockets and produce a Werther’s Original for his sugar-hungry grandson. Therefore I was delighted when I was able to use the restricted Harris Tweed material for my SWIG Flasks, because I always associate it with old fashioned manly presents.
SWIG is also the perfect hip flask for a grandfather because it’s the ideal present for a man who’s seen everything, and who probably has everything he urgently needs. He’d never spoil himself with my SWIG, but rather spend the money on the grandkids, but I promise he’ll be delighted to get one and be the one spoilt for a change. You can also add an engraved message on the flask to make it special to your relationship, so he’ll think of you whenever he takes a sip.