Flask For Liquor by SWIG Hip Flasks

The history books tell us that Mankind conquered the cold reaches of the earth, the high places and the far places, upon the invention of the Shoe. I say it was upon the invention of Distilled Spirits which fortified Man’s resolve, warmed his blood, and sent him exploring. Mostly it was women who distilled the alcohol at home, archaeology tells us, suggesting that they were delighted to have found an elixir to get Man out of the house and from under their feet.
Notwithstanding, these early adventurers and distillers needed something to carry their liquor, and successive inventions have led to the creation of SWIG, the ultimate flask for liquor. A curved unibody design follows the lines of the body for easy wearing, and the lack of seams means no cracking, no leaking, no wasted whisky. Our engraving tools are refined to perfection too, and if you opt for a gift set, you’ll get it for free. Whatever you put in your flask, I hope the two of you have great adventures together, just like our ancestors.