Flask Gift Sets by SWIG Hip Flasks

You’re looking for a great present for someone. You need it to look like you’ve spent time and money finding it. You want something which will spoil the giftee from the moment they tease the silk bow from the box. You need look no further than my flask gift sets.
Every aspect of my SWIGs is designed to provide a luxurious gifting experience, it’s why I don’t just shove a SWIG in an Amazon box and throw it at Royal Mail. Everything from the silk cushion which enthrones the flask to the personalised SWIG Society invite will tell your loved one that this is no ordinary hip flask. The gift set will also feature my bespoke SWIG Funnel, of a quality to match my flasks, and it offers free engraving if you choose. Engraving is the cherry on the cake for a gift, adding your own words to my craftsmanship.