Flask In California

California is one of the most beautiful states in the US, there’s everything from sun-kissed beaches to imperious mountains and crashing waterfalls. It’s a state for doing, for being outdoors. Well, my SWIG Flasks are perfect for that lifestyle. They’re made for those moment when you want to sip a quality spirit to accompany a great time, whether relaxed on balcony with friends, or settled by a campfire after a successful day’s hike.
My flask combines the best of the flask world because it unites durable practicality with a luxurious feel. Traditionally hip flasks have been made from pewter or precious metals and those don’t do well in the wild, they belong in a cabinet somewhere, nice and cosseted. Your other option was to go with a plastic thermos-like flask, but they can be too utilitarian for some. My SWIGs are unibody, strong and tough. They’ll happily be jolted around in a backpack or dropped in the dust. Yet their pouches and mirrored steel exterior look gorgeous and modern and right at home… in your home.