Flask In Florida

Looking for a quality hip flask? One which doesn’t leak, crack, taint the alcohol or look cheap and nasty, but instead is quality, watertight and beautiful? You’ve come to the right place. We make the best flask in Florida and we’d love you to take a closer look. We’re the only brand dedicated to premium hip flasks and we’ve collected all our experience and poured it into SWIG.
So what’s in a SWIG? For starters, we only use mirrored stainless steel to make the flask. This inert material means your bourbon will stay as tasty in the flask as out of it, no metallic taste to ruin your drink. The flask is made from one piece of metal, which is a tricky piece of engineering but pays off big time. Because there are no seams to crack along you won’t experience any leaky blues and the unibody provides great strength so your flask will survive the rough and tumble of every day life. Enough of my yapping, please take a look through my site!