Flask Women and why they're awesome

Props to the ‘Flask Women’! These women are my favourite group of SWIG owners, because they do the most research and have the best taste when buying a hip flask! The ‘flask women’ expect quality, style and class….

So I created SWIG. The only designer hip flask brand! Built with the lady in mind- these seamless flasks have no risk of leaking over one’s handbag and won’t taint the all important contents (I’ve avoided the horrors of Pewter!).

SWIG Flasks also use customisable pouches to go with whichever occasion! (including a rugged Scottish Heritage leather for when the wellies come out or an amazing pink for picnics).

Altogether, swig flasks are just right for holding a wee nip of gin or slug of single malt for the discerning lady. It’s about time there was a great item for these amazing ‘flask women’!