Flasks created by SWIG Hip Flasks

SWIG Flasks are the best hip flasks on the market. We have specialised in making only hip flasks and we bring all that expertise (and dare I say it, addiction) to bear in the flasks that we sell. So what do we look for in our flasks? Well, they’ve got to be used, to be useful. The first step was picking the materials to make them, and I love the mirrored stainless steel that we chose. It’s hygienic, luxurious, inert – no rusting, flaking or contaminating for SWIG. It keeps the alcohol as tasty as a glass.
While I wanted the flask to look expensive, I wanted it to be practical and withstand a good deal of rough living. Hence my unibody design – usually flasks are made from welding two pieces of metal together, creating an inherently flawed structure, and leaving behind a trail of cracks, leaks and damaged bags. My design is one piece of metal, it won’t leak and your precious cargo will be kept safe. And, I designed a collection of detachable pouches to make the flasks look even better, click here to see more