Flasks for Girls by SWIG Hip Flasks

We all know what hip flasks used to be… fusty old trinkets for carrying fusty old booze. Well, SWIG looks at flasks differently. SWIG has designed a range of flasks with style at the forefront. To make flasks for girls was one of my missions! What your flask looks like is just as important as what goes inside it!

This has been really popular with the girls. More than half of all our clients are girls. Why? Because we make the classiest flasks for the classiest girls. It’s as simple as that.

A lot of my customers get in touch with me- and there are two things the females tend to like with my flasks. The first is the ability to customise the style/colour through our swappable pouches (from Pink Leather to Harris Tweed). The second? Well our flasks are seamless… so no leaking over the precious handbag.