Funny Flasks For Her

Welcome to SWIG Hip Flasks! You must be after funny flasks for her… well I’ve got the best solution for you.

Usually funny flasks are lame, cheap and nasty. They are generally wasted money- thrown away after Christmas morning or left in a drawer.

So, here’s the deal. If you go for one of our engraved flasks- which is of the utmost class, quality and style, we will let you engrave whatever the heck you like on there! You will know the recipient best so I’m sure you will have fantastic taste of humor in making a SWIG flask, a funny flask for her!

If you need help with suggestions you can contact me at I’ve got loads of hilarious examples of funny flask engravings and I’d be happy to share!

Just remember, a joke in which you are both in on can be kept forever and will be absolutely timeless. Go on- make them laugh!