Funny Flasks For Men

Howdy, we’re! Something tells me you’re after funny flasks for men? Well listen up!

Generally ‘funny’ hip flasks are kinda lame. Usually they are known to be fairly disposable and cheap. I know I once gifted one and it was quickly wasted money- as I’m sure it was thrown away after Christmas morning or sitting alone in a drawer only to take up space!

So let me pitch you this. Choose one of our engraved SWIG Hip Flasks (Which I can assure you is of the utmost class and style and will be kept for generations) and I’ll allow you to engrave whatever you think is funny. No matter how long or crazy, I trust your ability to make the recipient (or yourself?!) smile!

If you want a hand picking something funny- I can give some hints based on what we’ve had before. Just e-mail me at I’m happy to share! Funny flasks for men can be awesome if done right!

Go on- make ‘em laugh!