Gin Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

My SWIG flasks are very popular for gin and gin drinkers, which often surprises some people who associate hip flasks with whisky. I think this perception has come from the history of the two drinks and how they’ve been used: scotch whisky is more of a sipping drink whereas gin traditionally has been reserved for highballs and mixers. Yet gin has really upped its game in the last few years and there is a plethora of gorgeous, complex, sipping gins, ideal for a hip flask.
It certainly wouldn’t be accurate today to say that gin is for cocktail bases only. Check out Makar Gin, Gin Mare, Caorunn and Plymouth Gin, pour straight and experiment with garnishes, for example chilli peppers, blood orange, rosemary and rose hips. The beauty of a gin flask is that you can start to prep the infusions while you travel, pour the gin in the SWIG along with the garnish, and by the time you’re at the summer picnic with the tonic and pimms, your drink is already flavoured with no further pesky chopping required.