Gin Hip Flask by SWIG Flasks

MY SWIG Owners love gin and it goes with my flasks perfectly, like gin and tonic, or gin and vermouth, or gin and angostura. Gin is such a delicate balance of flavours that any gin hip flask should not and cannot meddle with the mixture, so I was determined to create a flask which left the gin well alone. The stainless steel flask keeps the alcohol pristine and untouched by any metallic taste, so it remains pure when poured out.
I also associate gin with the great outdoors, my SWIG owners want to transport gin safely to picnics, summer beaches, country walks and British sporting occasions like Wimbledon and The Ashes. It’s such a perfect drink for hot weather, whether taken with a mixer or drunk neat. If the flask is going to travel, it needs to be tough to withstand jolting in bags and pockets, so I designed SWIG to be one piece of metal, there are no seams or flaws to crack the sides. You can rest assured your gin will arrive at your destination as intact as you do.