Girls Hip Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

Hip flask ownership amongst women is sky-rocketing as age-old stereotypes slough off and new generations seek out the complexities of aged spirits. I very much designed SWIG with the female gaze in mind and often it will be my female friends at parties who want to get a hold of my SWIG to take a closer look. Despite this growing trend, I didn’t want to replicate the usual girls hip flasks on the market, usually “Barbie-fied”, smaller, tackier and worse than the men’s hip flasks.
So I created the best hip flask on the market for women, it’s a proper size for adults, it looks and feels quality because it IS quality. Plus, I wanted my flask to be as adaptable as possible, which is my SWIGs are the only flasks to have detachable pouches, I’ve given the power of the flask design back to the customer. I’m not telling you to pick pink or black or tweed, you can decide instead. And, with free engraving with every gift set, you can still have your favourite slogans on the flask: whisky mottos, Marilyn Monroe quotes, whatever you please. I just hope you love using it as much as I did creating it!