Glenfiddich and SWIG Hip Flasks

I’m betting that when Ron Burgundy said Scotchy Scotch Scotch he was thinking of Glenfiddich. It’s one of my favourite Single Malts and their 21 Year Old remains one of the best rum-finished scotches in its price range. It would be a shame, then, if you could only enjoy it from the bottle at home, or from a substandard pewter flask. No, a great scotch needs a great hip flask in heart and soul.
So I think I’ve created the best scotch hip flask you can get, by sticking to quality materials, dedicated craftsmen and clever design. You can see for yourself how great my flasks look on the outside, and you can rest assured they’re as great on the inside – the stainless steel keeps it hygienic and pure, no rusting or contamination here. Your scotch will taste as natural as from a glass. The SWIG flask is also made from one piece of stainless steel, so it can’t crack along a seam because there isn’t one. Your Glenfiddich will be as safe as a kitten with a mama cat in my SWIG.