Good Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

SWIG Flasks are the best flask on the market. We’re the only company solely dedicated to perfecting the hip flask, and we give a lifetime guarantee for every one we make. What makes a SWIG so special? The key is in the design: it’s the only unibody flask. Usually flasks are made from two pieces of metal welded together, but this method often leads to weakness and cracking along the seams. My flasks have no seams, so they can’t ever leak.
What’s more, I only use mirrored stainless steel for the flask body as opposed to the more common pewter or silver, because stainless steel is the only metal inert enough to keep the alcohol within pristine, uncontaminated by a metallic taste or the previous contents. Finally, a good flask should be personal. I offer free engraving with every gift set so you can make one of my flasks truly your own.