Good Quality Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

I was inspired to start SWIG Flasks because I couldn’t find a good quality flask on the market. I’d been plagued by cheap welded novelty flasks which would metallicise the whisky and worse, crack and leak. I lost several pages of university notes to some lost scotch, or rather, I lost some good scotch to several bad revision notes and quite frankly, that was an outrage too far. Yet, the only alternative to the cheap flasks were the over-priced branded flasks, often afterthoughts shoved into the accessories department by a fashion designer who was clearly teetotal.
Good whisky hasn’t spent years, or decades, sitting in an oak cask as the fruit of hundreds of years’ tradition and knowledge, to be poured into a substandard flask. We must respect our ancestors and drink their legacy with the respect it deserves.
So, what makes SWIG worth the claim of good quality? Well, I put time, care and worry into creating the best hip flask, I have crow’s feet with the word swig in them. The result is a truly unique flask which won’t leak, crack, which won’t contaminate the alcohol, but which will last a life time, and look great while doing it. The curved unibody is a timeless design, and I intend for our children to enjoy using our flasks as much as we did.