Good Quality Hip Flask by SWIG Flasks

What makes SWIG worth the money? Well I truly believe in buying once and buying well, so that means creating objects of quality, that are well-made, and fit for purpose. Just as importantly, I believe in designing an aesthetic which will stay as appealing today as it will in 100 years’ time. If an implement is not pleasing to the eye and to the touch, it automatically becomes impractical and unusable. No flighty fashion fad for SWIG, I’ve chosen a look to last. It’s the only practical thing to do.
So, my good quality hip flask is as beautiful as it is hygienic and sturdy. But I haven’t stopped there. I’ve created pouches for my flasks, a feature unique to SWIG, so you can change the exterior of the flask and a touch of your own style to the flask. What’s more, I offer free engraving with every gift set so you can customise the flask even more. A great hip flask is one that’s personal to you, and I really hope you enjoy using it.